[Free Prestashop modules] - Facebook Like Box and Facebook Activity

mar, 10/18/2011 - 10:28 -- admin

Over 750 milion active users and the number is growing steadily, we are talking about Facebook. What's the relationship with your business? Your customers are on Facebook too.

Facebook and your business

Facebook is not just for colleges. A half of US Facebook users are from 26 to 64 according to InsideFacebook.com, they are at the age of consumers. You will probably find out that your existing customers already have Facebook profiles, and your new customers as well.

Building your brand on Facebook has many benefits:

  • Facebook users can search for you. Many people may search your business name on Facebook first, before searching elsewhere.
  • Build a community for your products and services.
  • Reach to potential customers, the one who are friends of your existing customers.
  • Deliver your promotion content to alot of users.

So setup a Facebook page (if you haven't) on www.facebook.com/pages/create.php

Embed Facebook to your Prestashop website

You have your Prestashop website. All products are there, the website works well and you are starting to sell. Anything missing? Please add a small box of your Facebook profile, a small box that helps to promote your social marketing.

Prestashop addons market charges you a ridiculous 30€ price for one domain license of a Facebook Like module? NO. Please use our Facebook Like Box and Facebook Activity for FREE.

Download link: please find the download link on the Facebook Like Box and Facebook Activity page.

Demo: http://demo.prestalove.com/


  1. Unzip (decompress) the module archive file and, using your FTP software,
  2. Place the folder in your PrestaShop /modules folder.
  3. Go to Back Office >> Modules.
  4. Locate the PrestaLove Facebook Like Box module in the list, scrolling down if necessary.
  5. In the row for the PrestaLove Facebook Like Box module, click Install.
  6. Locate the module again, click >> Configure.


Please click to >> Configure link of "PrestaLove Facebook Like Box" block to config this module. And here is how it looks like on your website.

Configure the Facebook Like Box module

Some tips for your Facebook marketing

  1. Provide great info: video, new products, tips and promotions. Don't make your Facebook boring.
  2. Facebook advertising: allocate some budgets to recruit more fans.
  3. Connect: you should also follow (like) other pages so people can reach you.

Good luck!