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Mon, 10/10/2011 - 16:39 -- admin

On this Oct 2011, we are happy to annouce the launch of PrestaLove, a premium Prestashop module and Prestashop themes provider. We aim at provide high quality Prestashop modules and themes to the Prestashop community.

While other Prestashop Appstores charge for each single module you download, PrestaLove is taking a different approach by providing full collection download. With our PrestaLove membership, you can download all modules and all future released modules and fixes within your membership period, starting from 29€.

Incredible, is isn't it. 29€ is less than a minimum price for single module with one domain privilege in the Prestashop Addons Appstore.

We also have free Prestashop modules which are very important to your shopping sites. They are Facebook Like Box and Facebook Activities. While you can find somewhere else, they cost 30€ each. At PrestaLove, they are for FREE downloading.

The benefits of PrestaLove include

  • Full collection download: we have 10+ essential Prestashop modules such as Menu, Slideshow, Social Network and other front end modules which are all you need to build your wonderful shopping sites.
  • Pay once, not for each module: you only have to pay once to download all modules, with a very low price (starting from E29.9). This price is less than a cheapest module in the AppStore.
  • Bug fixes and future released modules: within your membership period, you can download all bug fixes and new modules free of charge.

We look forward to receive continuing feedbacks and supports from you. For more information, please email us at info@prestalove.com 

Thank you!