6 best Prestashop sliders

Tue, 12/27/2011 - 05:39 -- admin

Two things in your website people usually look at on the first glance: the menu and the slider. A catching slider attracts customers, especially for shopping sites using Prestashop. It is basically the first thing that attracts your eyes when you visit a website. It is large enough and it has many cool transition effects that you can't help take a look at it instead of exitting immediately.

Having a quite time working with Prestashop, I collect and present in this article the 6 best Prestashop sliders.

1. Supersized Fullscreen Slideshow

Supersized Fullscreen Background slideshow demo image
Supersized Fullscreen Background slideshow demo

Awesome, amazing, creative! You can describe it when you first see this slideshow. The Supersized Fullscreen slideshow module make your audience stunning.

Unlike other slideshows which limit themselves in a predefined area, the Supersize Fullscreen slideshow extends your imagination to the whole screen. It doubles your chance to impress your website visitors by showing the whole of your slideshow pictures.

Demo: http://demo.prestalove.com/cms.php?id_cms=12

Prestashop module: Supersized Fullscreen Slideshow

2. Nivo Slideshow

Nivo Slideshow demo image
Nivo Slideshow demo

Built in 16 awesome effects and 3 design style, Nivo Slideshow is one of the most completed Prestashop slider module. The most attractive selling point of this slideshow is the transition effects. The smoothness and animation effects of the Nivo Slideshow are as good as using flash slideshow.

Demo: http://demo.prestalove.com/cms.php?id_cms=10

Prestashop module: Nivo Slideshow

3. JCarousel Slideshow

JCarousel slideshow demo image
JCarousel slideshow demo

Carousel slideshow is among most popular slideshows. It is particularly good to display products. It allows multiple products to be displayed in the computer screen at the sametime, so customers can watch and compare. The sliding effect is also a great factor to attract customers' attention.

Demo: http://demo.prestalove.com/cms.php?id_cms=7

Prestashop module: JCarousel Slideshow

4. Cycle Slideshow

Cycle slideshow demo image
Cycle Slideshow demo

Cycle slideshow is one of the most popular slideshows. It displays slides with thumbnail images so users can browse and switch easily. The thumbnails play as a vital role. Although they are quite small, but like jewellery, they help to highlight the main slides.

Demo: http://demo.prestalove.com/cms.php?id_cms=8

Prestashop module: Cycle Slideshow

5. Fusion Image Slider

Fusion Image Slider demo image
Fusion Image Slider demo

This Fusion Image Slider has a very smooth sliding transition effect will help to attract your customer a great deal.

Demo: http://demo.prestalove.com/cms.php?id_cms=6

Prestashop module: Fusion Image Slider

6. Roundabout Slideshow

Supersized Fullscreen Background slideshow demo image
Roundabout slideshow demo

Roundabout Slideshow module will bring to your Prestashop website a highly customizable turntable like interactive area. With amazing transition effect like a cycle turning around, it makes your shopping site look much more attractive to potential buyers.

Demo: http://demo.prestalove.com/cms.php?id_cms=11

Prestashop module: Roundabout Slideshow

Download these Prestashop sliders

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